Jumiso water splash mask

I bought this mask last week on Beautymnl for Php 110 as I find the packaging well made and ingredients looks promising. I already tried the chewy elasticity mask and was quite impressed on how well it made my face quite firm and glowing. I remember last Saturday when it rained heavily while I was out at a cafe with my best friend. I actually forgot to put on my moisturizer that day and my skin has dry patches and some redness on my forehead.Good thing I forgot to remove this Jumiso water splash mask in my bag. While waiting for our grab driver to arrive I quickly put on the mask and here is what I love about it.

This mask has a light flowery scent and the material out of the packet contains a mesh backing for easier application. This is the first time that a mask can cover even my forehead. Adherence is awesome and fits like a glove. It stretches even when I eat my cupcake, as it is made out of 100% cotton. No tacky feeling when I removed the mask. 
My skin type is a combination of dry/oily and sensitive so I definitely read the ingredients before trying anything out.

Ingredients are  Marine complex (algae, seaweed), Shea butter, Ceramide complex, and Hyaluronate complex which claims to deeply hydrate your skin. 
Verdict: After 15 minutes of this mask on my face while waiting for our Grab driver to arrive, true to it's claim this Jumiso water splash mask made my skin look dewy, gave me fresh-as-a-daisy glow and made the redness on my forehead calm down. The amount of essence on the pack is quite generous as you can still use it to apply to your neck plus it was quickly absorbed by my skin.

I will definitely repurchase the other variants because this one really did a great job in hydrating my skin until the next day. One great thing about this is it did not break me out plus it minimizes the redness of my face.

I cleaned my face with my Witch hazel travel size toner before I put on this mask.

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