The Pahina Project- Race to Raise 2000 Notebooks to Donate to Publlic schools

Education has been taken for granted by many especially by the privileged. With the notion that a degree is useless, they skip school and try their hands on anything that let them earn money. Some thinks that it can not prepare them for life. There is pressure on each person to go to school and get a degree. The same goes for people who can't afford tuition fees. They rather help out their parents to get by each day and nix the idea of getting to school.

 The reality that most are not aware of is that the importance of education goes beyond getting a job or being looked up by the society. In addition, to get complete education doesn't only mean one can read or write but also to identify right from wrong and understand the world around him. Ultimately, one of things education provides is the capability to interpret things.

Certain companies such as Viviamo! Inc., makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner and Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal believes that education empowers the future generation. Their advocacy-driven events is focused on helping out public school students in their quest for quality education. Hence the creation of our newest product, The BDJ Advocacy Notebooks. These notebooks are not only made of quality materials but were also minimally designed to encourage artistry in our students.

We can give the gift of hope and encouragement to these children by showing your support in The Pahina Project which aims to raise 2000 notebooks to selected public schools. whenever you buy notebook, Viviamo! Inc will donate one. You can also avail the following packages on

Buy 1 Donate 1 for P100
Buy and Donate 2 for P100
Buy and Donate 10 for P500
Quality notebooks for quality education, for a vibrant future. Be part of the race.

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