So Natural Red Peel Tingle Serum Review

I always admire other people who can commit to a 10 to 12- step skincare routine. We all want that glass smooth skin like our favorite K-drama or K-pop stars.  One step in my skincare routine that I find too tedious to do is to exfoliate. I know that when proper exfoliation is done twice a week , it can allow the skin to renew itself and reveal a much brighter and softer surface. I tried sticking to a more elaborate routine but I just don't have the time or the energy to do it lately. Good thing there are now products in the market that makes my routine simple and time efficient.

Notable ingredients:
AHA: Penetrated below the surface of the skin.Capable of slouching off dead skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and acne marks
BHA(salicylic acid) :Reduce sebum production
Berries:  Restore and brightens the skin.

Resurfaces skin as it removes dead cells and pore-clogging impurities; helps prevent blackheads and breakouts; red, watery type serum refines pore size, improves clarity, and boosts skin cell renewal; brightens and evens out skin tone and texture

I used this Red peel tingle serum twice only for two weeks as I don't want to over-exfoliate my skin. The color of the serum reminded me of a Sangria wine. It comes in a sturdy frosted bottle.This serum has a light cranberry juice scent. The consistency of the serum is almost water-like and it easily glides on my skin. There is a slight tingling effect that is tolerable when I massaged this for 30-60 seconds. The rationale behind the tingling is that  the serum melts my dead skin layers that have accumulated on my skin surface as well as old dead skin inside the pores. I have a huge pimple on my forehead when i started incorporating this for two weeks. The size of the pimple had already reduced plus it makes my skin soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning.  It doesn't dry out my face and I also notice that my blackheads lessen on the nose area. The serum is quite pricey but for a girl like me who is always on the go, it is a great investment since I need products that save my time while delivering good results.

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