Clear Skin Shield Patch By WISHTREND Review

Pimple patches are one of my go to solutions whenever I have an active breakout.


This hydrocolloid acne patch protects the skin against dirty water, dust and physical contact. The thin, breathable fabric quickly absorbs impurities while naturally covering problem areas.


This acne patch comes in a resealable sleek metallic blue pouch. Inside you will get 36 patches in total. Packed in three individual peel-off plastic sheets labeled with their corresponding sizes. You will get two sheets of 12mm patches and one sheet of 14mm patches.

How Do I use it:
I clean and dry the problem area first and put on my moisturizer. I choose the correct size for the acne. Applied it directly with the sticky part of the patch.


This Patch suits sensitive skin:

I have a combination of dry/oily sensitive skin. This patch helps in sucking the spot fluid without the risk of irritation. I sometimes accidentally pop a pimple whenever I do my skincare routine and this patch protects the pimple for that type of situation.

Thin and Subtle

This patch has a transparent, breathable fabric that covers the acne spot effectively. I used this on a zoom meeting with a client and it remains undetectable.

Great for spot treatment:

This is effective for spot treatment for pimple that is ready to pop, those with a head. I have one on top of my eyebrows and this patch only took 3 days to suck all the gunk out and flatten that pimple. It will take longer for a cystic acne but you can still use the patch as a protective barrier to reduce the risk of poking or irritating the pimple further.

Sticks like glue and handy

The adhesion of this patch is like glue. It doesn't budge or glide even if I use it after I put on my moisturizer or sunscreen. It can remove dead skin as well. The patches are travel-friendly and a space-saver and perfect for those who stay in on their work area or already going to work.

How much and Where to get it:

This retails for P550 and you can get this @kbeautycafe website, Lazada and at Wishbeauty on Shopee. You can also find it here:

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