Careline launches first local male ambassador for makeup brand

As a beauty brand that embraces diversity and gender equality, Careline launches PBB Otso big four winners and real life couple Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette as its newest ambassadors.

The first ever local love team to endorse a makeup brand, Lou and Andre embodies the powerful message that Careline consistently conveys: Makeup doesn’t have to be gender specific and the art of makeup is a form of expression that anyone must be able to experience freely.

True to form, Careline offers a wide array of beauty needs for all genders specifically for women, members of LGBTQIA+ community and also for straight men.

Lou is a big fan of Careline’s Multi Pot, a cream to powder finish that is perfect as blush, tint, and eyeshadow; and a mix of Softe Suede in Trophy and Mood for a peachy shade.

On the other hand, some of the products that Andre uses are Careline Oil Control Face Powder that keeps skin matte and shine-free; Best Brow Liner, perfect for creating thicker brows; and Soft Suede in Icon, a nudish brown shade perfect for men.

As Careline welcomes Lou and Andre, it aims to assert its position as a diverse makeup brand that is for inclusivity, individuality, and beauty that is for all.

To know more about Careline, visit and follow their social media accounts:, and

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