Ready for a new me

Im starting to grow as a person and i like what i am becoming. Last night was fun, we had an event at school called the summit. The fun part of it was im starting to feel like my old happy self again after constantly surrounded by people who showed me the meaning of being superficial. There were still those people who makes me happy and i can be myself and never afraid to be judged. These people is who i considered my real friends..After hanging out, laughing( how i miss this) sharing stories like there's no tomorrow and creating memories together. I realized that i want to do something different while i still can.. My mind was racing with ideas when i got home and i saw something that i want to try.. I want to share it with a friend i care for dearly and if this turn out right.. I would enhance what is left in my creative side. I never want anything this bad.. I hope this new road will enlighten me on what i have been missing out.. The endless possibility that could only be answered when i tried. What would i got to loose?

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